Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Old Block House Etsy Shop

My poor blog and Etsy shop have both been terribly neglected lately.
All focus has been on getting my booths at Summer Hill Antique Mall

Now that I have enjoyed that weekend,
and had a week to recoup from all the festivities and preparations,
and given the house a cleaning and a promise to get better organised,
and celebrated my son's 18th birthday,
NOW it's time to get my act back together
and devote some time
to my blog and my shop.

Last week I snuck in some time to give my blog and shop a bit of a makeover.
I love snowmen,
so it seemed fitting to go with a snowman theme for both my blog and shop.

The Old Block House

Etsy has finally allowed shop owners to change their shop names.
My Etsy shop is no longer known as Cherished Hearts,
but now shares the same name as my blog - The Old Block House.

I was so happy to be able to make this change.
For me it makes the blog and shop more complete in uniting them.

The weather was lovely today,
so I spent some time photographing new items for my shop.

The Old Block House

Granite Ware Coffee Pot
Wouldn't this be gorgeous filled with flowers?
Daisies would be my choice of flowers.
I love daisies.

The Old Block House

Granite Ware Lids
I'd love to make one of these into a clock for the kitchen wall.

The Old Block House

Granite Ware Pan
Grandma used to sit with one of these on her lap and peel apples into it.

The Old Block House

Granite Ware Bowl
I love this color.

The Old Block House

Granite Ware Pan
Another pan with turquoise.

The Old Block House

Vintage Handcrafted Mexican Pottery Planter
Granny had a blue one like this.
I still have it.

The Old Block House

Ice Tongs
Did you know ice was once harvested from the Mississippi River and stored for summer use?

The Old Block House

Player Piano Roll
Star Spangled Banner
Patent 1891

The Old Block House

Player Piano Roll
The Church in the Wildwood
Mom used to sing this song alot when I was little.

Tomorrow I'll be adding vintage quilt blocks to the shop.
My lovely friend Sena has identified the quilt pattern as
Grandmother's Flower Garden.

They are gorgeous and I can't imagine all the time that went into them.

Have you begun prepping for the upcoming Holiday season?


  1. Following you now.
    Good luck at your festivals and don't neglect your Etsy shop too much now!!!

  2. Hi there, I am your newest GFC follower here via A Helicopter Mom's lower your Alexa rating Hop, from Couponing From Florida to Michigan. Please stop my blog too.

  3. Beautiful work! I love featuring Etsy shops. There is nothing that embodies the spirit of gift giving like handmade goods! New follower from the hop.
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge

  4. Wow! Very beautiful! Good luck with your festivals! I'm sure you won't have any problems selling things! You are extremely talented!

    P.S. thanks for stopping by and linking up to the meaningful monday blog hop!

  5. Player piano rolls! A good friend of mine during school had one in her living room. I couldn't get enough of that old thing! Thank you for bringing back great memories! New follower from the hop!

  6. Visiting from the Alexa Hop ♥

  7. I love the Player Piano Rolls.... I'm going to have to swing by your Etsy shop!!!

    I'm a new GFC follower stopping by from A Helicopters Mom Alexa Hop. I would love for you to stop by and visit my blog;!

    Nice to meet you!
    I'm off to leave you an Alexa Review.


  8. Stopping by from STT... The Granite Ware Lids make my heart pitter-patter and the piano rolls have SO much potential! And the info on the ice... that's definitely something new to me. :)

    Jamie @ Mama.Mommy.Mom.
    My Post

  9. I <3 the coffee pot. I didn't, until I read your suggestion of putting flowers in it, and then I was able to picture it looking so gorgous on my table.

    I have one of those types of piano rolls. I've been considering using it for an art project, but haven't figured out how yet.

    Stumbling by from the STumble Tumble Tuesday hop and stumbled this post! My post is

  10. Oh, my 7yr old daughter would die for that Star Spangled Banner scroll. My husband is a descendant of Francis Scott Key and she holds that very close to her heart. Great pix!

    Thank you for joining our Alexa Hop, hope you have a great week.

  11. Stopped in with the Monday Alexa Hop. Looks like you have a great etsy shop. I'm working towards adding more to my shop...meaning getting more crafts made.
    Once they expire on etsy though, I am moving them to zibbet over paying to r-list.

  12. Hey! I found you today through home stories, and as I was scrolling through your etsy shop you answered a question for me! LOL, I had recently picked up a bowl from a junk store, and I loved it but didn't know anything about it etc. You have them listed as granite ware bowls, and mine is almost identical. So thanks for the info:)
    LOVE your shop, and I am sure I will be back (hopefully with a gift card in hand;) )


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