Monday, October 24, 2011

Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt

Occassionally, I find something that I really love
and hope to find someone else that will love it just as much.

A couple of weeks ago, I found a box filled with quilt blocks.

The box was bursting with over 200 pieces.

Sena, who I've not introduced you to yet, but hope to do so soon,
(She is wonderfully creative and uses her talents in helping others.)
identified the pattern as Grandmother's Flower Garden.

As my goal for the week is to FOCUS and get my Etsy shop refilled,
I took tons of photos this morning of the quilt pieces.

An Etsy shopper noticed my first listing for the pieces and was thrilled to see them.
With the second listing, she was even more excited.
With the third, she was hoping there would be enough for a quilt.

It looks as though the quilt blocks may have already found a new home
and will one day be made into a quilt.

I'm hoping that the buyer will share a photo with us.
I'd love to see the finished project.

The Old Block House


  1. I had a quilt that a friend found up in her grandmother's attic that was very similar to this one. Unfortunately it had been stored in plastic for years in that attic and it had numerous holes, etc. I ended up selling it to a quilt club and they were going to use the quilt top to repair other quilts of the same era. It was really pretty too.

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  2. Those are colorful and vibrant patterns! I love quilts but have no idea how to make them.

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