Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flea Market Finds

My day was planned.  Things to do.  People to see.  Photos to take.  Then Drats!  A flat tire on the car!  Not low, not a little deflated, but all out flat.  My wonderful son again came to my aid.  After much grunting and groaning and threatening of the little stubborn lugnuts, the tire was changed, doughnut put in place, and off down the road we went.

My dear son was rewarded with a burger, fries, and Coke, so he was quite happy in the end.

So for the second time this week, a trip was made to get a tire fixed.  Have I mentioned my favorite thrift store is located next to the auto repair place?  What do you do with yourself while the car is being fixed?  Flip through old magazines?  Watch Jerry or Maury on the television in the waiting area?  Or listen to the farmers talk about how soon the corn, oats, beans can go in the ground?  Not me!  I go digging at the store next door for more goodies. 
The Old Block House

It's a rare treat for me to get to visit the store so soon after my last visit, but I'm so very glad that I did.  Three more boxes of blue jars had arrived at the store.  If only they knew how happy these made me.

Then there were metal crates!  These are old, the tape on them was yellowed and brown, but the metal looked like they'd been tucked away somewhere, perhaps in the back of a closet, for quite some time.  What a find!  Now to find a good place for these.

The most fantabulously, superamazing, unbelievably astounding find?  Shutters.  Two old shutters, approximately five feet long.  Tickled!  I was completely tickled.  Of course, I casually asked how much they were, not wanting to seem to eager, hoping they wouldn't know how much I wanted these babies.   When the guy behind the counter answered $3 total for both I was shocked.  One way or another these were going to fit in my car.  (My youngest asked when I picked him up at school, "Mom, why are there ladders sticking out of the car?)

These will need some scraping, priming, painting, but they'll be gorgeous when I'm done.  What color am I thinking?  Aqua with some distressing to bring out all the beautiful details.  Any suggestions for uses for these?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Digging for Treasure

Spring is here!  Daffodils are popping up and sharing their bright yellow cheeriness and a hint of green is returning in the stray patches of grass.  Birds are chirping, worms are stirring, and it's almost, but not quite, time for the auctions to begin.

In the meantime, I'll have to humor myself with the weekly trips to the local thrift stores.  Occassionally, I do get to skip out of town for a visit to some lovely little shops, but more often than not, I must limit my searching to local stores. 

One of my favorite stops does not have heat, so if you're going this time of year, you must bundle and move at a pace to keep yourself warm.  Nothing is organised.  Almost nothing is priced, but there are good deals to be had, so I visit them often.

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to stop by for a looksee through their rows of goodies.  Among the precariously stacked, disorganized, hope-you-don't-trip-over-anything stock, I was lucky to chance across a few treasures.

This box of jars was calling my name.  The uses for these jars are limitless, but these will be hung on the deck with a tealight to add a glow on those late summer nights, snuggling on the deck with my sweetie.

Who? Whoo? WhooOOoo?  Something else was calling to me.


It was Mr. Owl!  Just what I shall do with him is uncertain, but first a bit of primping is in order.  He was calling out for someone to give him a little tlc.  Do you like owls?  I'm sure he'll find a good home once we give him a little love, perhaps as a protector of my flower garden.

Then there was the "click, click, click" coming from this gorgeous beauty.  Once, and only once, I typed a paper on one of these.  Isn't she pretty?

And finally this little guy

A gorgeous metal finial.  I can't tell you how thrilled this little find made me.  The patina is gorgeous.  I've been wanting to make some finials for my flower gardens, but this little guy will be staying inside with me. 

Not too bad for an hour of digging to unearth some beauties.  The best part of the trip was sharing it with my oldest son.  He loves to search through the boxes of this and that to find the real treasures hidden in their depths.  His treasures are a little different as he's always on the hunt for stereos and such.  He's always great to lend a hand or give me a tip as to something he's seen that he knows I'll love.  Occassionally, he brings me home surprises.

Please take a moment to visit my vintage shop.
What lovelies have you found this week?

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