Thursday, May 3, 2012

Still Singing the Blues

I haven't blogged alot lately.
I've been busy painting,
sanding, waxing,
& hunting for new items to paint.

This frame was your typical brown
with a really bad water splotched print inside.

The print was removed and tossed in the dumpster.
The paint on this is Martha Stewart Hosta,
which I'm really, really loving,
topped with a coat of my walnut wax.

Chicken wire was stapled to the back,
so that photos could be attached and displayed.
Old black 'n white postcards from an estate auction
were attached with tiny clothespins.

I had three large frames
that were an old gold,
not a pretty old gold,
but a please paint me old gold.

Now they look like this.

This little table was brown and icky.
The wood on the top was peeking through the brown in spots
and drew my interest.

After a little sanding,
the top was looking very promising.

The top of this was waxed with a walnut wax
and the bottom painted with Martha Stewart Hosta.

The paint on this table was more of my oops paint,
like I used in my last post.

And more of the ooops paint on this dresser,
although it looks different from photo to photo.

These two little end tables
were part of a score from an estate auction last summer.

Finally they've been given some love and color.

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