Saturday, October 8, 2011

Auction on a Saturday Morning

It's a little after midnight here on a Friday night.
I'm scoping out the auction listing for tomorrow.
Here are a few of the things that have caught my eye.
Milk Bottles

Crate or Trap?



Wicker Baby Buggy
The auction has a huge listing.
I can't wait to find all the things that they've uncovered!

The Old Block House


  1. That mixer looks awesome! It has that vaseline glass look...

  2. The crate is an old egg crate. Farmers would haul large flats of eggs to stores to sell using this crate. That would be a great purchase. Love the other items.

  3. Thanks for saying Hi to me on my blog

    anyway Clarksville Mo was fun especially the shops and the antique mall was was pleasantly surprised

    where do you shop in Illinois? I need to make a trip to Wood river Il soon

  4. Wow those are some amazing Treasures! I LOVE older and antique type items! How amazing. I wish we have more of those types of auctions in our location; but people actually still USE their stuff like this. lolol.

    stopping by via the Monday Blog hop from; you are welcome to visit! We're now following you via GFC.


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