Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting to Know You

Many new visitors have been stopping by The Old Block House.
I thought I might introduce myself a little.

This is a bit of a repost, so please excuse if you've read it already,
but I wanted to share with anyone new out there.

It's just a little glimpse into my world.

I have two wonderful children, both boys, both taller than I, and growing more each day.
The oldest seems to be plateauing, which means the younger of the two is fast on his heels in catch up.
It's amazing to watch what began as these cute little bundles of neediness grow into self assured young men.

My boyfriend is amazing.
He is kind, patient, and maintains his sanity when I am losing mine.
He is intelligent, spiritual, and always tries to do what is right.
At times I drive him nuts and he does not understand me, but he still smiles and supports me.
Everyone should be so lucky as to have this kind of partner.

I have too many projects going at once.
There are pieces waiting for additional steps.
Projects waiting for the weather to clear up so they can be finished outside.
Then there's something else over there, hidden in the corner.
I'm hoping nobody notices.  Maybe a few somethings in the corner. 
Crafting ADD?  Perhaps.  I'm sure there's a support group somewhere for it.  

My most recent job was as a waitress for thirteen years, I am in no way graceful.
During that time, drinks were dropped, pizza slices jumped onto the floor (one time an entire small taco pizza flew into a lady's lap), and quite a diverse list of items were broken.
These include, but are not limited to, an adding machine x2, four burner coffee maker, soda machine keys, glasses, beer bottles, brooms, mops, and vaccuums.

I break things at home too.
My boyfriend just shakes his head and doesn't understand how one person can break so many things.
It's a gift. One I'd like to give back.

My dream home would be a two bedroom cottage at the beach.
The sand, sun, breeze would greet me each day as I opened the door to the world.
Of course, in the real world, days are sometimes cold, windy, and overcast,
but it's never that way at my cottage.
Everyday is a beautiful 78 degrees, sunny, and low humidity.
This would be my view every evening.

Wasaga Beach Photos

Do you have one or two you'd like to share with me?
Do you dip your apples in ketchup?
Have twenty cats?
Or maybe dream of living in someone else's shoes for just a day? 


  1. You sound very similar to many of us creative souls. Our drums are just a little off and that is ok...

  2. I have the gift of breaking things, too. I actually had a nickname of Molly the Destroyer at an old job.

    When you find where you can return said gift, please let me know!

  3. Very fun post. I have a friend that breaks things a lot. She says, "you can dress me up, but you can't take me out."


  4. oh, I know what you mean about changing the etsy shop name! I made my etsy acc to buy something, and now that I started an etsy shop I realize my name is my web name. WHAA? And you can't change it. :(

  5. Not sure what you have planned for those awesome shutters in your picture, but I came across some plans for using shutters in an entry area. Here's the link:

  6. ahhh...we all have those 'gifts' we'd return if we could...mine is in, the two appts. i forgot to go to this week...sigh.


  7. what a cool blog you have! i'll be following along!

  8. Love your psot. Love your blog. Im thrilled to have found you through the hop. Very fun read. You inspired me in jsut a few paragraphys. Thank you.

  9. Hi Just coming by to return the love. Sorry I haven't been by before now. Very busy week with kids. But I just wanted to say congrats because you are the featured Blog on my Making Goals Monday Blog hop. Love your blog. Sarah.

  10. What a beautiful site you have! I am envious of your creative flair. Amazing! So glad to have found you through FB!

  11. Love your blog! I too am always breaking things... I refer to it as the "minus touch" the opposite of the Midas touch!


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