Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Look what I found at the flea market this week!

It was like Crate Day at the flea market on Monday! 
I was so excited to walk through the door and see these babies waiting for me.

The Pepsi crate made me happy.
Then the 7UP crate gave me a huge smile. 

Do you see the paint and chair leg on the pallet in the background?
That's Mr. Andy's "I'm bored" project.
Too much XBOX will make your eyes pop out of your head.

This tomatoe crate made me absolutely giddy.
I love, love, love this crate.
Aren't the colors wonderful?
The teal, red, and yellow are so my colors of choice this summer.

This box was sitting with the crates.
It's an old drill and tap box.
Some of the original papers listing sizes of the bits are still on the inside of the door.
The color is a little more teal than it appears here, so it was another cool score.

I really, really like this chair.
It's comfy and solid.
However, the fabric on the cushion has to go.

It's getting a coat of liquid sandpaper tonight.
Now to choose the colors.
How about a light blueish gray for the wood?
Maybe a light cream burlap on the seat?

These are frames that didn't get to say cheese before their makeovers.

All were that icky brownish gold color.

They were plaster, metal, or plastic.

All are much better for a layer or two or three or four of paint.

Now to find homes for them.

I love playing with paint.
I love layering colors to create effects.
Aqua has always been one of my favorite colors.
What are your favorite colors to work with?

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Ever wonder what I do with my auction and flea market finds?
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  1. Those crates are fantastic! I've been looking for something similar, but no luck. I LOVE that tomato one.

  2. Wow you hit the "mother load" I'm jealous. I too love those boxes. I made one into a lamp table and some of the others I polyurethaned and planted flowers in.

    Stumbled your post for you. Mine is Do you use Freecycle?

  3. Awesome finds. Love all the crates. I just found a 7-up crate at the Goodwill for $5.99. I just had to have it. I spotted it on a cart with other stuff that they hauled out from the back to put on the shelves. Put a smile on my face, too...LOL. I've always wanted one.

  4. I am new follower on GFC and Twitter, plus I Stumbled you! Found you on the Stumble Me Friday hop. Check out my blog when you get the chance.

  5. Hi,

    The frames look awesome, but the crates are empty :-)


  6. What cool finds!!! I super love that tomato crate. And the mirrors.
    thanks for linking up with my Show and Share party!


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