Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Auction Finds

Wondering what I found at the auction on Saturday?

I was so excited about the auction on Saturday and it wasn't a total wash out, but it wasn't all that I'd hoped.  The bonus to that, of course, is that not much money crossed my hands, so my pockets still had a bit of a jingle in them when making the trip home - enough for ice cream.

Although the auction was way deep in the country, surrounded by beanfields, more people than I'd hoped had braved the rainy day to see what bargains they could find.  Our box was placed in the shade of a tree for all of our discovered treasures to be stored in, but the box remained empty for quite a bit of time, just sitting waiting patiently for the right bargain to come along.

In the end, we called it a day before the furniture was even sold.  My youngest had accompanied me as my extra hands for the day, as the bf was off chasing livestock that had made it's way into fields it shouldn't have been prancing through.  He and I both were quite ready to go home.

A stack of coal buckets and a couple of odd looking buckets were added to our pile.  I'm not sure what the buckets with the long handles are for, but I'm sure the FFIL (future father in law) will be able to tell us.  Perhaps they were used for milking the cows or coal ashes.  I'm really quite curious about these.  Two of the coal buckets are completely rusted through, but they'll look lovely with a pot of petunias filling them.

This is a tree that was used when hitching horses.  Should I hang it on the wall with a photo on each arm?  More of these were auctioned off and there's still a mark on the seat of my pants from kicking myself for not getting a few more.  The price was right, but I wasn't fast enough.  I've got to get more aggressive in my bidding!

What in the world am I going to do with these?  Suggestions, anyone? 

The swing and potty chair were both only a dollar, which I'm sure to get a dollar's use out of them, but it's just finding that use that is the question.  Do I leave them as is or slap a quit coat of green on them, add some whitewash and a little distressing?  There's a can of green oops paint that has been calling to me, begging to give new life to something.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll use it on these and another wooden potty chair that is tucked in the garage.

Did you find any good items while shopping this weekend?
I'd love to hear about them.
Please comment below or tweet me on Twitter.

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  1. I would absolutely love a cohost!! My email is so just shoot me an email with the link of the post you would like to have on the stumble hop and I'll make sure that it's first on the list! Also send me your button and I'll put that in there too :) <3

  2. Cool finds! If I had that potty chair I would so display a handmade doll in it.....

  3. yes I agree dressing the potty chair up with a doll would be a grand idea

  4. Or you can take the potty chair and put a flower pot in it. You might have to cut a piece of wood and add it underneath the opening to support the pot.


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