Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Flowers are blooming.
The grass is growing.
The sun is shining.
I love this time of year.

To top it all off - my favorite local shop has been busting out all kinds of wonderful items this week.  The guys work hard to organize everything, but with inventory changing daily and items arriving all jumbled in boxes, it's all very difficult.  I'm not scared to jump right in and find what's buried underneath.  I'll show you a few of the vintage goodies that I've discovered.

This chair was in a pile outback waiting to be sorted.  One of the guys told me I had to go check them out.  It's a little rough, but the seat is solid.  Definitely in need of a little TLC, but I'm so loving it.

I love this painting.  Fruit isn't quite my thing in a painting, but I do love the flowers.  The pink flowers are just gorgeous.  These remind me of the huge peonies that would bloom in my grandmother's yard.  The peonies smelled and looked so lovely, but were always covered with ants, so you had to be careful sniffing them too closely.  Grandma always said the ants pushed open the flower petals making the flowers open into the huge blooms that we loved.

The frame needs a bit of a touch up.  It's just too dark for me.  Maybe painting it white would make the white in the flowers pop out more.  Here's a close up of the pink flowers.

Sewing machine drawers have been falling into my lap lately.  Usually, the drawers need a bit of cleaning and shining, but this set of drawers have had their hardware removed and a few have even been stripped of their original paint. 

Now what to do with these?  Painting, of course!  These little guys are going to get a paint job to bring them all together.  Aqua or cream?  I'm leaning more toward cream with a bit of sanding then lightly glazed with a deep chestnut color.  What do you think?

I was tickled (a word my grandmother would have used) to find this set of four shutters.  A few months ago, I found another set of shutters, approximatley six feet long.  The set of four measures approximatley thirty inches - perfect for shelves!  Now to get them all attached with some screws.

My boys were worried that the paint was coming off while washing and the shutters would look terrible in photos.  I assured them that this was exactly what we wanted.  They've got some painting to do - lots of painting this summer.  We'll all enjoy it.

Now for some very old doll beds.  Aren't these amazing?  They were tucked under a table, covered in webs, completely forgotten.  Maybe they were hiding just for me?

The beds desperately need some cleaning, but gently so.  The wear on these that has come with age is something which I know I can't truly replicate with sandpaper.

I'm always in need of an iced tea glass, so glasses are something that I'm often looking for.  These are just perfect for sipping some iced tea at the end of the day, watching the puppies run about the yard, and waiting for the fireflies to begin lighting the sky.

Don't you love the aqua and gold?

It really has been a busy week with our flea market hunting, but I'll have to save more for another post.  I've got a hot date with two old cabinets that are waiting for me to arrive and wisk them away from their corner at the antique mall.  They'll be getting a touch of paint also.

Have I mentioned that a booth at the mall is in our near future?
Photos of that are coming soon.

Ever wonder what I do with my auction and flea market finds?
Visit my shop to find out.


  1. Looks like a great score!

    I have a chair on y front porch that came out of a dumpster! LOL

    Hope you'll stop by my blog today. A special post there

  2. What a score!! Good for you! I love to have projects waiting for feels so good to make things pretty again...hope you'll post updates! (I'm a new follower :) )

  3. Love it!! Nothing like flea markets!

    Stumbled post is:

    Thanks for linking up!
    Kristin :)

  4. Hi -
    I'm a new follower through TGIF Blog Hop!

    Hope you can follow back!

  5. Unique treasures! Flea marketing is such fun.

    Btw, I stumbled and hope you'll stumble my Etsy Finds back.

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  7. awesome finds sounds like you are having lots of fun


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