Monday, July 4, 2011

Number, Number, I found some numbers!

Sometime last winter on a visit to the thrift store, I found a bag full of numbers.

For some reason, the numbers were tucked away in a drawer.

It was quite a surprise to rediscover them.

The numbers are black and white with numbers stitched into wool.

The Old Block House

I'm guessing these had something to do with sports or school.

However, I really don't know.

Have you seen these numbers before?

The Old Block House

I'd love to know more about them.

A few have been put aside for a project.
The remainder have been listed in my shop.

I think the softness of the letters would look great with an old rusty wire basket.
Now to find my wire baskets!

What would you do with these?


  1. They remind me of numbers that go on Letterman jackets. I really like them, especially the white on black ones!

  2. Found you on the summer blog hop!

    I agree, they remind me of varsity Letterman jackets. They would look cute on a sweater, too.

  3. They kind of remind me of the vintage type writer numbers, but those are pretty cool. I would definitely figure out some way to use them on a piece of furniture. :)

  4. Hi from the blog hop. You have some really great finds on here. I am not sure about where the letters would be from. I think you are right about maybe from a sports team or a school. =)

  5. what an awesome find! those numbers are so great!!

    i saw your comment on the design*sponge biz ladies post today and i am taking her advice to heart and reaching out to bloggers who commented on the post today! :)


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