Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Saturday, So There Must Be An Auction!

It's Friday night.
Tomorrow is Saturday.
So tomorrow there will be an auction.

Not just one, but two.
So I have to make a decision which to attend.

I'll show you what I have to choose from.

Auction One
This is the second half of a huge estate auction.
The first half of the auction was amazing.
I'm loving so many of the items listed and in the photos.

Isn't she a doll?

White Hall Pottery birdhouses
Grandma Gerty would have said,
"Those will go for a pretty penny."

Auction Two

 Cute buggies!

Currier & Ives Print
So Pretty!

Someday I'm going to have a set of Jadite Mixing Bowls. 

Old crocks
Grandma once told me about sneaking into the pickle crock.
Her grandmother smacked her hand.
Grandma said it was worth the smack.
The pickles were as good as candy.

Where to go?
Auction One is my choice,
but we'll be stopping by Auction Two on the way.

Just for a quick looksee.

Which auction would you choose?


  1. Gertie,
    Go to the first one! That painting of that little girl is just lovely! Thank you so much for stopping by. Now we are blog buddies!
    Lisa & Alfie

  2. OK,
    My days are screwed up and I woke up thinking today was saturday....again! lol

  3. I think I would go with #1! Those mixing bowls are amazing!


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