Saturday, April 30, 2011

Picnic Baskets, Jars, Sewing - An Auction

Picnic baskets, jars, sewing drawers were all for sale today at the wonderful auction we attended.  Loads of vintage and antique treasures were to be had.  The weather even cooperated for us with the sun peeking out for extended periods of time.  The air felt like it might rain, but not one little drop plopped on my skin.  The temps were in the seventies.  You couldn't begin to ask for a nicer day to attend an outdoor auction.

I love going to estate sales.  I love finding all the things that someone else has treasured and valued enough to hold onto for decades.  Two tables of glassware were displayed.   The depression glass was shining in gorgeous pink and green.   The cut glass gleamed in the sunlight.  Cut glass is pretty in the kitchen, but get it outside and it just beams at ya. 

  (photos from auction site)

Picnic baskets, old blue jars, wooden crates, and pedal tractors were delightful to find.  I was lucky enough to make some wonderful scores, including milk bottles, sewing machine drawers, old chairs, and a few other items I'll share with pictures later this week. 

After about four hours, my boyfriend and I were both exhausted.  He loves auctions as much as I do, which is fortunate for me 'cause he also has tons of muscles and will carry all the crazy things I find to cart home.  He even managed to add a milk can and a nail barrel for himself.  The car was loaded (crammed), when the auctioneer was calling for a $1 bid for some baby items.  I had to go see what was up for a dollar -  a wicker bassinet with a stand had been painted green and was rather cute.  There were a few other things sitting around it, but I wasn't sure what was going into the pile with the bassinet. 

I won with the dollar bid, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that in the lot were two high chairs, two baby beds, a swing, booster seat, playpen, vintage potty chair, stroller, and four big bags of toys.  THEN the auctioneer told me that they still had a line of chairs that hadn't received any bids.  I'd been fetching the car when the chairs were being unsuccessfully auctioned off.  So I got the chairs too for $2.50!  Five chairs!  Three need tons of work, but will be well worth it.  Don'tcha know the boyfriend was quite happy that he was now going to load two vehicles to overflowing?  (Sometimes he just shakes his head and wonders about me, but it's all good.)

The swing and a highchair went to my SIL for the new little one.  The other things are stashed in the garage and will be given to someone that needs them or tossed into a garage sale.

I love days like today.
Now I'm exhausted, sunburned, and have bbq chicken in the oven.
What a wonderful day!

Ever wonder what I do with my auction and flea market finds?
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  1. The green picnic basket would have had my name on it.


  2. love estate sales as well love that you had such a great buying day

  3. I love estate sales, too . . . I always wonder what the people were like that used to live in the house . . . I'm your newest follower. :)

  4. I am now STALKING you everywhere that I see listed here!

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    I also should mention that I have a FANTASTIC Blog Hop Directory that has at least a dozen blogs listed for every day of the week. No kidding! Come and check it out! : )

  5. You really made out. Keep it up and your boyfriend will look like Arnold Schwarzenegger at the end of the summer : D

    Did you do the page tabs on top ? They look terrific. I'm wondering how you got the boxes around the labels? It really looks great : D

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  7. That sounds awesome! Sounds like a good day to me!!

    Stumbled you...would love if you could stumble me back:

    Kristin :)

  8. Nice finds You have been stumbled by Makobi Scribe My post to be Stumbled is at How to use Ping-o-matic So sorry for the cut and paste, but I wanted you to know you have been Stumbled even though I am in the middle of the I Love My Mommy event!

  9. Loving that basket! Thanks for joining in Thoughtful Thursdays!


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