Monday, April 25, 2011

Often The Best Finds are FREE

Some weeks the finds are limited. 
Dry spells are very frustrating. 
Then you hit a week when BANG, it's one surprise after another.

First, I've got to share the metal lawn chairs. These came from a thrift store about four years ago.  Both were only a buck, and they've been tucked away, hidden at the back of the garage, just waiting to be rediscovered. A little rough, I know.  OK, extremely rough, but solid.  With some work, they'll be lookers. Some stripper, sandpaper, paint, and lots of elbow grease. I'm just wondering what color to paint them? I'd really like the arms to be white, but the main body? Watermelon pink? Turquoise?  Butter yellow?

I do have my work cut out for me on these!

I've been wanting a cabinet door to make into a chalkboard.  One afternoon as I was leaving my mother's house, I saw two cabinet doors headed for the garbage. OH NO!!!  Mom had found these tucked at the back of a closet. She and her husband had no idea where they'd come from, but neither wanted the blue doors. So now they're mine, mine, mine, and are half way to their new purpose. I'll share these with you in a few days.

Now for the bench.  Oh, I love this bench. It was a hideous mix of forest green, burgundy, and gold. Someone had made an attempt to stamp it with butterflies. The poor thing had been tossed out and was sitting alongside the road, left to beg for a new home with loving (splintered, paint stained) hands to again give it life.  Fortunately, it had seen some time outside, so the paint had a good headstart on peeling. After a bit of scrubbing with a Brillo pad, most of the paint is gone.

I have special plans for this. Some paint, templates, and the inspiration of my nephews and niece will all combine into a special bench for Aunt Gertie (me).  The base coat is on, so now it's just a matter of getting on the stenciling, and a good coat of wax.

Did this last week hold any good finds for you?
I hope you scored lots of goodies.

Ever wonder what I do with my auction and flea market finds?
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  1. I'm smitten with that bench! I can see it tucked away in a garden :)

  2. I am in LOVE with turquoise these days, so that's my vote for those kick-a** chairs :D

  3. Love the bench! My vote for the chairs is definitely turquoise!

  4. Watermelon pink is my vote - they'll look beautiful whatever color you choose :)

  5. I want those chairs!!! Why not do one in one color and the other in another? I'd vote for turquoise and yellow!

    I'm probably biased towards those chairs, but I remember my great grandparents and our old neighbors having them when I was a kid!

  6. Nice find! I would do something bright and fun.
    Following you from the Tuesday hop.

  7. I love those chairs. They remind me of the one's on Granny's porch that never failed to sear my booty in the 110 degree heat.
    I can't wait to see what you do with the stuff.

  8. some great finds with a little work they will look great

    I am a new follower come see me at

  9. Love all three of these finds. Mybe paint each chair a different color? These seem to be coming back into style, have seen several different kinds at Lowes and at Anderson's (Ohio store).

    Like the new look for The Old Block House : D - grabbing your new button to change the one I have at WynnieBee now.

  10. Oh I want that bench! After you get it all dolled up of course:p That is a great find.

    New follower from Welcome to the Weekend blog hop.

    Simple Wyrdings

  11. New follower from the Welcome to the weekend hop. I love the bench!! I can't wait to see how it looks when you are all done. Isn't it amazing the treasures you can find, a little work and they are good as new!

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Chasing Serenity


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