Monday, March 12, 2012

Farm Estate Auction

I love going to auctions,
but I really love going to a farm estate auction.

All the old things.
Farm tools.
Old jars.

Saturday was a lovely day for March
at about 50F with the sun shining.

To get to the auction,
we headed down the gravel,
across the blacktop,
down another gravel road lined on one side by a hill
and the other size by grazing black cattle on gently rolling hills,
across the highway,
then down another long gravel road with lots of turns and twists.

We found some wonderful things.

Rusty Metal Crates

Avondale Farms
Midwest D P '59
Galvanized Gas Can
tucked away in the barn

Tractor Seat Chair -
A tractor seat welded to a disc
How's this for handcrafted?

Old Casters
Huge and Heavy

Old Rusty Wheels

17 Rung Ladder
This ladder came from the last farm auction.
There's also a 15 rung ladder.
A little too tall to use as a quilt or magazine rack.

I have so many other things to still photograph,
lots of old rusty metal things, a few kitchens items,
the thing I love most to find

old blue jars!

The final tally was 70 jars for the day.
Combined with the 30 I picked last week,
gives us 100 new jars to put in the shop.

So if you love blue jars,
or you're getting married and are looking for jars for your wedding,
or you just want a lovely old blue jar to hold your spring flowers,
please drop by the shop.

If you don't see what you're looking, for,
just let me know,
we have many, many things waiting to be listed,
tucked in corners,
hiding in boxes.

What treasures have you been finding?


  1. No garage sales here yet...too cold but you sure did find a ton of lovelies!!

  2. Sounds like so much fun. I wish I lived closer b/c I'd love to go to auctions with you.

  3. Love your finds, especially the Ball jars!

  4. WOW!!!! What great finds. I have never been to a farm auction. That needs to be on my to do list.

  5. Oh my, you found some treasure. I don't know which is my favorite - I love it all!

  6. Farm Estate Sales are the cherry on top of all estate sales! love that ladder!

  7. I have never been to an auction, but visit estate sales, garage sale and thrift stores....Love the jars you found...must not be in my neck of the woods...
    Just discovered your site...

  8. Oh my!!!! That's what I call TREASURES!!!!

    Thanks for joining the Show Some Love Linky Follower Fest Blog Hop!!
    I'm your newest follower!!

    Christine :)

  9. I love farm sales..haven't had a good one around here for awhile! Cool finds!


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