Saturday, November 26, 2011

Summer Hill Antique Mall

Today was a rainy, gloomy day.

The closer I got to the Summer Hill Antique Mall,
the darker the sky became,
the harder the rain fell,
and the creepier the gray fog became.

However, once I got there,
this was the cheery sight that welcomed me.

If you were driving along the highway today,
and noticed this warm welcoming window,
it would beckon you to stop for a visit,
to browse through the rooms,
and to savor a few memories sparked by the treasures within.

I love this!
It's so rustic with the fence, bucket, and geodes.

This green table is adorable.
It would make a wonderful coffee table.

My windows, covered with rain,
it's time to take them home,
and do something with them.

I'm thinking looking glass spray
and some twinkle lights
would make them prettier.

This child sized cabinet is beckoning to me,
calling to me,
but there are already too many projects
and too little space,
so if it's still there after a few projects are completed,
maybe it can come home with me.

I debated whether to keep this milk can or take it into the mall,
but decided to take it in
because I'd hate to one day be seen on an episode of Hoarders. 
The can is from a cheese company that was once in the county,
the Pike County Cheese Company.
It has a wonderful patina and the lid doesn't even stick.

Isn't she a cutie?
As I was getting ready to leave, I saw her sitting in her chair,
so calm and serene.


  1. It certainly was a cold, dreary day in Illinois today! Glad you had such a warm, inviting place to visit though!

    Hope you'll link up at Knick of Time Tuesday again (the party is still going!).

    I also have a terrific giveaway going of a 8x10 Canvas Photo Print - feel free to drop in to enter.

    Angie @ Knick of Time Interiors

  2. The mall always looks so fun when you drive up.Please take a trip to Clarksville and visit our shops here too. I always shop in your mall, last time I was there I bought a small green painted doll bed from your booth. I love it. Richard from My Old Historic House.


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