Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aqua Distressed Coat Hooks

I sell quite a variety of vintage items in my shop,
but it's not often that I've added handcrafted items.

However, recently the decision was made to begin adding handcrafted items
either created from vintage pieces or items that are vintage inspired.

Why add handmade?
Because I get this itch in my fingers,
that runs down through my hands,
and sprints up my arm,
then plunges into my brain,
telling me it's time to make something.

The coat hooks that I recently shared sold today.

Can I tell you I was just ecstatic that they sold?
Over the moon!
Doing the happy dance!

It was wonderful to know that someone else liked the pieces that I'd created
enough to add them to their home.

Four more pieces of the molding were left,
they were all brown.

I thought a touch of aqua would brighten them up a bit.

I'm heading out tomorrow in search of more molding.

I badly need one of these to corral my key ring.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Wine Barrel Coat Rack

Please come join us on Facebook,
to see all the new things we've been creating!

A few weeks ago, I found two old barrels at an auction.
I had no idea what I was going to do with the barrels,
but knew that I couldn't pass them up.
The old oak and rusty rings
were irresistible.
The barrels were soooo heavy.
It was much easier to roll them to their destination,
rather than to carry.

My oldest got the job of dismantling the first barrel for me.

One barrel gave us 35 staves. 

The staves are hard old oak.
One of the ends shows some damage,
but that was quickly removed with 60 grit sandpaper
and the palm sander.

The staves were sanded on both sides
to remove any loose bits.

The staves bare the markings of years of rubbing against the rusty metal barrel rings.
The 60 grit paper did not give a glass smooth surface,
but with this project,
keeping that rustic, ruggedness was important.

Two weeks ago, I also dropped in to visit Rene at Kozy Katz Antiques & Collectibles.

She had some wonderful pieces of molding and rusty coat hooks that we used to make these coat hooks,

which have been added to my shop.

I was so happy to find the coat hooks,
because I thought they'd make a wonderful combination
with the rustic old wood of the barrels.

What do you think?

Brass D rings were added to the back of the coat hook for hanging.

One more look,
'cause I'm so happy with the way this turned out!

After a few more of the coat racks are made,
we have another project to begin
involving the barrel rings .

I can't wait to begin the next project
as it's going to be so completely different from anything I've made before.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Soda Crate Flower Boxes

A few days ago,
a photo of some lovely painted soda crates were shared on Facebook.
Unfortunately, the original source of the photo was not included,
so I haven't shared it here.

The crates were labeled with
and were quite lovely.

The photo got me to thinking about my old soda crates.
The lettering had long gone,
but the frames were still quite in tact.

So with a little bit of oops paint,
some stencils,
and sanding,
I made some flower boxes for spring.

As you can see from the photo,
Old Man Winter doesn't think it's quite time for spring,
but I'm hoping he clears out early this year.

I'm ready for

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Distressed Wood Frames

Sometimes, I like to do big projects,
like the dresser I shared last week.

The Old Block House

Sometimes I like to do smaller projects,
like my sheet music fans
that I made at Christmas.

The Old Block House

Then there are the mid sized projects,
like my frames.

Frames are always finding their way into my craft stash.
Often, they are from auctions,
sometimes from the thrift store,
and occassionally a good one shows up at a yardsale.

The frames have multiplied to about 100.
A few were used to make these aqua frames.

The Old Block House

Another ten or so were given a coat of heirloom white,
then distressed with 60 grit sandpaper,
and waxed with a clear wax paste.

I've listed the frames in my shop
and used the shop addy to fill the frame
as it didn't have a picture.
I neglected to save the picture before adding my shop addy,
so I've just added a few of the photos to the blog post.

If you'd like to see more of the frames,
you can visit my shop.

My favorite

I'm hoping to do a few more frames this upcoming week
as memo boards with a fabric backing
and with chicken wire to clip things to.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My First Dresser

I've been wanting to tackle a large project.
Something big that would give me a wow result.

I also love aqua.
In the past I've used it on a wicker chair, a breadbox, & frames.

This old, sad dresser was at the last auction I attended.
It was solid, but was missing some hardware,
and looked like it'd taken a knock or two through the years,
but I loved the shape, the legs, and that it was so well built.

My favorite spray paint is Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch,
which is what I used for this dresser.

The frame and drawer knobs were painted in Heirloom White Satin.

The drawer fronts were painted with Aqua.

Then 60 grit sandpaper was used to distress the paint.

After all the sanding and scratching and scrubbing was completed,
a coat of Minwax clear was applied to the dresser,
allowed to sit for half an hour,
then buffed to a shine.

I love the little drawers on top.
Hankie or glove drawers, perhaps?
There were three small holes on the top on each side,
so I believe at one time, there were tiny drawers sitting atop these.
(The holes were filled with Elmer's wood putty,
then sanded smoth before painting.)

The curves of this dresser are what really called to me.
I love the sexy curves.

My first dresser.
It's not perfect,
but all it's imperfections,
make it just perfect to me.

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