Friday, September 9, 2011

Cleaning Out The Garage

Yesterday, the oldest and I did a bit of sorting in the garage.
These are some of the inhabitants of the garage that are waiting to get some love.

Now to find time and just where do I begin?
The Old Block House

Working on the Booth

I have been a busy little bee working away on my booth at Summer Hill Antiques.
My cabinets n bookcases are painted
and vintage wallpaper is being added to the backs for some pop.

Here's a little bookcase that was an icky orangish brown
when I found it at an auction for $2.50.

The bookcase was primed
then painted with three coats of a lovely blue.
The vintage wallpaper was applied with glue spray.

How lucky that the leftover paint and found wallpaper matched so well!

I will share photos of my furnished booth soon.
Today I forgot the staples used to attach the paper to some of the cabinets,
so some have yet to be finished.

Here are a few photos of my booth after I'd thrown in the towel for the day
and packed up my toys to head home.

This chair is so super comfy and it has wonderful construction.
Teals, blues, and golds can be found in the upholstery.
It's a lovely vintage piece.

Here's a photo of the wooden desk I shared last week.
Next to it is the mate to the chair above
and a lovely oil painting.
The painting has a small tear,
but I'm hoping someone adopts it who can patch it up properly

Here's one of the old trunks I scored at an auction.
There are four of them in total.
Now to figure out just where to place them.

I know it's really orange,
but I love this chair.

Of course, I'd love it more in another color.
I was thinking of redoing the chair myself,
but I have three more of these hanging out in the garage
and thought someone else might like the original upholstery.

My lovely boyfriend dug these out of his basement for my booth.
I love the blues and turquoise.

Tomorrow I get to spend all day working at Summer Hill Antiques.
I enjoy spending time there.
The people are so very friendly and make you feel very much at home.
I also enjoy meeting the customers that come in.

So tomorrow I will be splattered with paint, dirty, and maybe a little sore,
but my booth should look tons better.

The Old Block House



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